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GuidedPath EDGE Online College Planning Platform- Save $40

GuidedPath EDGE Online College Planning Platform- Save $40

$ 99.00 $ 139.00

GuidedPath Edge is an online platform that gives your family "the Edge" in navigating the college planning process in a unique way. Your Edge account will support the communication and organization required for preparing and applying to college.

In addition to getting weekly information and tasks to avoid pitfalls and provide you with the power of knowledge, you will also get personalized encouragement and next steps based on activity or inactivity in your GuidedPath Edge account. 

Get a plan of attack for each college application and receive reminders as deadlines approach. Net price comparisons and projected cost estimates are provided both BEFORE applying to colleges and to assist in making a final decision. Resources to help you find a great college fit include the Fiske Guide, scholarships, affordability snapshots, essay support and much more. Additional powerful features include Guided Search to find colleges that match your profile and survey results and My Chances to provide insight into your chances of acceptance. Invite your supporters such as family members, tutors, and others to share your account.

GuidedPath Edge is available for a one-time fee for a student account with unlimited connections until you start college, regardless of when you purchase the account. Save thousands of dollars with this virtual college application platform. 

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